USDA Hardiness Zone: 9b or 10

Sunset Climate Zone: 22 or 23

The following info was lifted from my old blog and quickly updated to reflect my current status. The "About" Page is my least favorite topic, so please be patient while I filter this information. Thanks.


Religion: I was raised a Baptist Christian. Now I don't adhere to a particular religion, but to a philosophy. I subscribe to the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth and try to live my life in a Christ-like fashion. I believe that God is present in all living things, so all living things deserve respect.



Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Location: California, United States
Marital Status: Married (to the same man for 20+ years)
Kids: 3 cats, 2 dogs

About Me

I was given the name “Janis“ when I was born. My friends and family call me “Jan“.

I'm a “fitty-something“ year old woman who does not comform to society's ideals: I don't wear a lot of make-up, (usually none at all), I don't own a lot of fashionable clothing or accessories,(let alone wear them), I don't read the tabloids and I don't want to know what celebrities are doing on a daily basis, I don't have any human children (by choice), I don't like Baby or Wedding Showers, and I don't get my nails done.

For fun and personal development I've dabbled in photography, radio broadcasting, lyric writing, singing vocals in a rock band, and MIDI composition.

I've earned money as a babysitter, a teacher's aide, a crepe cooker, a grocery courtesy-clerk, a telephone operator, a pizza cook/deliverer, a staff clerk, an administrative assistant, an office manager, a retouch artist, a consultant, a cat-sitter, a kennel attendant, and a veterinary technician.


I enjoy the Arts and Humanities: music, (including opera and Techno), art galleries, plays, musicals, concerts, ballet, movies, films and literature. I enjoy Nature; animals, vegetarianism, the ocean, clouds, the Moon, and the wonder of the Universe. I enjoy my family and friends, my husband, my cats, my dogs, and my fish. I enjoy sipping a Margarita, (with salt), on a lazy summer afternoon. I spend most of my "free" time learning, usually by way of my computer or books. I am always looking for something different to investigate, study or research.

Favorite Cuisines: Vegetarian, Mexican

Favorite Dessert: Ben & Jerry's Half-Baked Frozen Yogurt, or Claim Jumper Chocolate Motherlode Cake

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